"You can live a healthy life, without losing a social life"

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Hi guys! I am Carolyn. I'm a nutritionist (ok, ok Registered Dietitian) at Foodtrainers in NYC. There, I do a ton of one-on-one work with clients to reach their health + weight goals both in our office and online, and get to advise food brands, give talks to schools and businesses, and work as a nutrition expert for the media. It's the best.

I went to Tulane for undergrad, NYU for grad school in nutrition, and am a certified yoga guide, as well as a spin and snowboard and caffeine junkie. 

For more info on Foodtrainers services, click here or email me: carolyn@foodtrainers.com. 

Featured on: The TODAY show, Dr. Oz, FOX, Men's Health, health.com, CBS news, WebMD, TIME.com Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, Shape Magazine, Equinox Q Blog, AM New York, and the New York Daily News.