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Fox: Healthy Wellness Trends Segment

Fox: Healthy Wellness Trends Segment

Hi Guys! I had the fun of doing a Fox&Friends segment on healthy wellness trends last weekend. Click here to watch it, and below are my notes I prep’d with and some things i didn’t get to. Hope you learn some things!


  • These are entire class of herbs that help your body adapt to stress and fatigue, think of them as bringing our bodies back to balance!  I’ve written about them before in detail

  • Actually very old, not a trend, even if they’re new to us! They’re used in Ayurvedic & Chinese medicine - some even used here during WW2 for pilots!

  • Some are subtle/mild uppers for mood & memory (rhodiola, lion’s mane) while others are more relaxing and help with stress & anxiety (ashwaghanda, holy basil). Others are great for your immune system (astragalus, chaga, reishi)

  • They come in teas, powders, and some in foods - dont grab ashwagandha cookie though, minimal benefits.

  • I’m a big fan of this trend but you do have to take *daily* at least 6-8 weeks to see subtle benefits, this is not a quick fix!

  • These are generally safe, minimal side effects, but Check with your doctor before taking as can impact hormones and medications.


Biohacking: biohacking quite literally means hacking our biology to optimize our bodies and our cognition. It’s “hot” among finance and tech world right now and includes a ton of testing & data, like food sensitivities, blood sugar, microbiome etc. Lauren and I have even gone to the biohacking conference.

While this is food/supplement related, it’s also about lifestyle behaviors that we can all incorporate. I think of this as baby biohacking.

  •  Timing you’re eating (aka intermittent fasting), we like a 8-12 hr rule max so 9am-9pm

  • Sleep optimization, getting at least 7hrs and no insta scrolling before bed

  • Cutting sugar, alcohol and white carbs

  • Drinking lots more water

  • Meditation!

Microbiome & probiotics: our gut truly is our second brain, more research is coming out daily on how important our gut bacteria is!

  • Dopamine & serotonin, mood neurotransmitters, are made in our gut.

  • Having diverse gut bacteria is crucial for mood, anxiety, immunity, weight & digestion

  • I suggest a probiotic supplement and at least 1 probiotic food daily.

  • I love Greek or siggis yogurt, kombucha (<5g sugar), kefir, fermented veggies like farmhouse culture or kraut, kimchi, miso… and wine. J  JK that doesn’t count.


  • The non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant, it’s exploding.

  • Research is very new, basically being done on us, but the good news, this seems to be safe in high doses.

  • The bad news, we need to buy from high quality brands, poor quality can be laced with heavy metals and toxins and diluted. Beware random cbd chocolates.

  • CBD does seem to have benefits for physical pain, stress & anxiety, sleep, inflammation, and neuroprotective brain benefits

Questions? LMK! and follow along @carolynbrownnutrition on insta for regular sciency updates.

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