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Do You Think About Food Too Much?

Do You Think About Food Too Much?

Do you think about food all the damn time?

Tonight I saw 9 clients and I was asked "do I think about food too much?" 3 times, so I ran home to dust off this website and write this blog. How much is too much to think about food? 

It's my job to think about it all day long, so the line is definitely blurred to me. Food is one of our greatest pleasures in life!! We make an average of 220 food related decisions a day. But there is a definite difference between normal food thought (research says 15-20% of our thoughts) and obsessive food thoughts (25-65% of our thoughts). *Of course, if you're also in the food industry, a higher percentage is normal. 

This is all a little tricky, because when I'm starting someone with a new plan at Foodtrainers, of COURSE they're going to think about food more than usual. That's the goal, so that it creates food structure and routine and check points (and satisfaction!), so after a week or two they are thinking about food a whole lot less. 

So it's not just thinking about food, it's what and how you're thinking about food and your body.

So if you think about dinner at breakfast? Getting excited about meals isn't worrisome to me, it's more of the "foodie" mentality. You're allowed to be psyched about dinner at a fantastic restaurant. 

But do you analyze how many calories or grams of fat are in something before or after you eat it? Do you worry about your weight from the second you wake up, and obsess over what you're going to eat or not eat today?  Do you get especially anxious when it comes to eating with people? Does eating at non-set times, or off your meal plan, totally throw you off? Do you immediately compare what you ordered to what your friend ordered? Do the "I shouldn't have eaten that"'s flood your brain as soon as you leave a meal? 

We all know that obsessive feeling (hi boys) and when it comes to food, if you're thinking about it 24-7, that is NOT normal.

"If you're thinking about food the majority of the time and find it's impacting on other things (like your relationships, your job, or your own feelings), then you're moving into the domain of a disordered level of cognition around food and eating behavior." - Frances Quirk

Even in the health world, I personally dont feel the "Meal Prep" obsession and insanity on instagram is so healthy for most people. Organization and planning are great, but the need and dependence on strict meals and portion sizes all the time can be a red flag for disordered eating too.

So what can you do if you feel like I'm talking to you? 

Work with a great therapist or nutritionist (I'm not offended if it's not me!)  to figure out what's normal and feels like food freedom for you.

Just think of all the AMAZING, intelligent, fulfilling things you could do if you used your brain power toward productive, non-food obsessed things!! You might even change the world...

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