You know that feeling when you get in a rabbit hole of instagram stalking and you're on your friend's friend's girlfriend's co-worker in Australia, obsessing over what a beautiful and perfect life she has? ....Yeah... me neither. 

After talking with friends, clients, family members, and doing a lot of writing this year, I am fascinated by what's going on behind the scenes. Because we all know, things are never how they seem. So THE REFRESHED is a place to dive into that question of "what's really going on?" and to tell stories and share information. I want to introduce you to members of my "Angel Network", the people who have saved my life (therapists, friends, family members) and let them tell their stories. I want to talk about things that really work (food, meditation, exercise, reiki...), and give you a serious and lighthearted resource for all the life-stuff.

I also LOVE the idea of little moments that make you feel REFRESHED throughout the day. Whether this is rolling the windows down and blasting your favorite song, climbing into a bed of clean, crisp sheets, getting butterflies, making a cool new friend, leaving a workout class full of endorphins, or witnessing a good deed. Those little refreshing moments happen everywhere, and noticing and acknowledging them can change your whole experience in the world. 

My background is in nutrition (hey foodtrainers!), and while I'm completely obsessed with my career, I've realized over the past few years that true "wellness" is not just about food, or working out, or relationships, or self care. It's a combo of all of these things and so much more, and when one part is "up", another is down. It's is a perpetual re-balancing act and we're all in it, even if it doesn't look like it among the engagements and new babies on your facebook feed. 

Not everything here will be for you, but I hope you find some useful bits of information and connect to some of the stories. And I would love to know what (or who!) you want to hear about.  Please send me a note to carolyn@foodtrainers.com or contact me here. Lots of love.